About Us

Our History

Serving Cumberland,MD

AJ's Cookie Jar began as small business developed during the 2020 Pandemic. During lockdown, I finally had the time to perfect my favorite dessert, the French Macaron, and nurture my love of baking. I offered French Macarons online to celebrate holidays and at local events. They were an instant favorite among locals. After several months of continued popularity, I began pursuing my own bakery. In 2022, the owners of the Rosenbaum, gave me the perfect opportunity to start this journey. The next year would be a whirlwind of planning, problem solving, and transitioning from my day job to a shared commercial kitchen, to running my own bakery.

Our Goals

I decided to open the bakery to help bring Downtown Cumberland back to life. The only way I would've opened the bakery, would be if I could have the bakery on the Downtown Mall. I wanted to be apart of the revitalization of our area and bring back our sense of community. The owners of the Rosenbaum shared that vision and I knew that we could come together and make that dream a reality.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, unique desserts in a convenient location. We strive to provide the best customer experience.